If you found this place, I assume you were looking for my older stories. Since I’m currently working on Camilla’s new story, Camilla: Vol. One – Impulse, and I have no idea when I’ll get back to Graylight, I decided to give them their own home to help clean up the blog. There won’t be … More Welcome!

Her Favorite Place

If you were here, back in the day, when I was posting Graylight (the first time around), you know that Starbucks is everything to Lux. It keeps her happy, it keeps her sane, it keeps her… nice and she makes way too many trips there a week. Today, I was going through my monthly, I-miss-Lux … More Her Favorite Place

Saturday Afternoon

I was in a photoshoot kind of mood and missed these two so I sent them out on a shopping trip in Magnolia Promenade. They each got slight makeovers too in preparation for something I’m hoping to announce real soon!